Web Development with JavaServer Pages

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The ability to divide your application into discrete components promotes division of labor, developer specialization, and better manageability in the team. Less

experienced developers can work on data beans and other less complicated aspects while your senior members can worry about the more complicated aspects of the architecture and application logic. If necessary you can even hire contractors to develop individual components beyond the area of expertise of your own developers, then integrate them into your project. Such a modular approach becomes less important if a single small team will handle the JSP project alone.

Removing the Java from the front-end code frees your design team to concentrate on the application interface rather than its implementation. On the other hand, if you are a lone wolf coding commando, then you will probably benefit from the simplicity of single source, JSP-only style applications. The makeup of your team will, in part play a role in determining the best architecture for your application.

Time and money

How much time and money has been allocated to your project? Increased levels of complexity generally mean more time and, in the case of EJBs, more money. Complexity and time are trade-offs, but you have to consider maintenance expenses as well. It doesn’t do much good to create a rigid, hard to maintain design in an effort to save time and money up front if you are continually forced to devote development resources to maintaining the project in the future.

Control of assets and resources

How much control do you have over corporate resources that are important to your project? If your application will be accessing databases or other information sources that already exist or are beyond your control, you will probably want to select an architecture with the additional layers of abstraction necessary to shield your developers from a disparate and possibly variant interface.

Скачать в pdf «Web Development with JavaServer Pages»