Worldwide Equipment Guide

This Worldwide Equipment Guide (WEG) serves as an interim guide for use in training, simulations, and modeling until the publication of equipment FM. The WEG supports the draft OPFOR FM series (100-7) for the Contemporary Operational Environment (COE). It provides the basic characteristics of selected equipment and weapons systems readily available to the OPFOR, and generally listed in either FM 100-60, Armor- and Mechanized-Based Opposing Force: Organization Guide or FM 100-63, Infantry-Based Opposing Force: Organization Guide. Selected weapons systems and equipment are included in the categories of infantry weapons, infantry vehicles, reconnaissance vehicles, tanks/assault vehicles, antitank, artillery, air defense, engineer and logistic systems, rotary- and fixed-wing aircraft, and communications equipment. авт. проекта, сост., ред. А. В. Карпенко

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