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variable Settable global parameter.

value New value of parameter. DEFAULT can be used to specify resetting the parameter to its default value. Lists of strings are allowed, but more complex constructs may need to be single or double quoted.

The possible variables and allowed values are:

CLIENT_ENCODING I NAMES Sets the multibyte client encoding. Parameters are:

value Sets the multibyte client encoding to value. The specified encoding must be supported by the backend.

This option is only available if MULTIBYTE support was enabled during the configure step of building Postgres.

DATESTYLE Set the date/time representation style. Affects the output format, and in some cases it can affect the interpretation of input.

ISO use ISO 8601-style dates and times

SQL use Oracle/Ingres-style dates and times

Postgres use traditional Postgres format

European use dd/mm/yyyy for numeric date representations.

NonEuropean use mm/dd/yyyy for numeric date representations.

German use for numeric date representations.

US same as NonEuropean

DEFAULT restores the default values (ISO)

Date format initialization may be done by:

•    Setting the PGDATESTYLE environment variable. If PGDATESTYLE is set in the frontend environment of a client based on libpq, libpq will automatically set DATESTYLE to the value of PGDATESTYLE during connection start-up.

•    Running postmaster using the option -o -e to set dates to the European convention.

SEED Sets the internal seed for the random number generator.

Скачать в pdf «PostgreSQL»