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purpose, this is not recommended, as the program behavior might grow really strange really

quickly. By convention, all specially treated variables consist of all upper-case letters (and possibly

numbers and underscores). To ensure maximum compatibility in the future, avoid such variables.

A list of all specially treated variables follows.

DBNAME The name of the database you are currently connected to. This is set every time you connect to a database (including program start-up), but can be unset.

ECHO If set to all, all lines entered or from a script are written to the standard output before they are parsed or executed. To specify this on program start-up, use the switch -a. If set to queries, psql merely prints all queries as they are sent to the backend. The option for this is -e.

ECHO_HIDDEN When this variable is set and a backslash command queries the database, the query is first shown. This way you can study the Postgres internals and provide similar functionality in your own programs. If you set the variable to the value noexec, the queries are just shown but are not actually sent to the backend and executed.

ENCODING The current client multibyte encoding. If you are not set up to use multibyte characters, this variable will always contain SQL_ASCII.

HISTCONTROL If this variable is set to ignorespace, lines which begin with a space are not entered into the history list. If set to a value of ignoredups, lines matching the previous history line are not entered. A value of ignoreboth combines the two options. If unset, or if set to any other value than those above, all lines read in interactive mode are saved on the history list.

Скачать в pdf «PostgreSQL»