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ERROR: RemoveOperator: right unary operator ’oper’ taking ’ type’ does not exist This message occurs if the right unary operator specified does not exist.


DROP OPERATOR drops an existing operator from the database. To execute this command you must be the owner of the operator.

The left or right type of a left or right unary operator, respectively, may be specified as NONE. Notes

The DROP OPERATOR statement is a Postgres language extension.

Refer to CREATE OPERATOR for information on how to create operators.

It is the user’s responsibility to remove any access methods and operator classes that rely on the deleted operator.


Remove power operator aAn for int4:

DROP OPERATOR » (int4, int4);

Remove left unary negation operator (b !) for booleans:

DROP OPERATOR ! (none, boolean);

Remove right unary factorial operator (! i) for int4:

DROP OPERATOR ! (int4, none);



There is no DROP OPERATOR in SQL92.

d.39 drop rule


DROP RULE — Removes an existing rule from the database DROP rule name


name The name of an existing rule to drop.


DROP Message returned if successful.

ERROR: RewriteQetRuIeEventRel: rule «name» not found This message occurs if the specified rule does not exist.


DROP RULE drops a rule from the specified Postgres rule system. Postgres will immediately cease enforcing it and will purge its definition from the system catalogs.

Скачать в pdf «PostgreSQL»