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$ createdb demo

CREATE DATABASE The response is the same as you would have gotten from running the CREATE DATABASE SQL command.

To create the database demo using the postmaster on host eden, port 5000, using the LATIN1 encoding scheme with a look at the underlying query:

$ createdb -p 5000 -h eden -E LATIN1 -e demo



d.28 ereatelang


ereatelang — Add a new programming language to a Postgres database ereatelang [ connection options ] [ tangname [ dbname ] ] ereatelang [ connection options ] -list|-l [dbname]


ereatelang aeeepts the following command line arguments:

langname Specifies the name of the backend programming language to be defined. ereatelang will prompt for tangname if it is not speeified on the eommand line.

■d, -dbname dbname Speeifies whieh database the language should be added.

■1, -list Shows a list of already installed languages in the target database (whieh must be speeified).

ereatelang also aeeepts the following eommand line arguments for eonneetion parameters:

■h, -host host Speeifies the hostname of the maehine on whieh the postmaster is running.

■p, -port port Speeifies the Internet TCP/IP port or loeal Unix domain soeket file extension on whieh the postmaster is listening for eonneetions.

-U, -username username Username to eonneet as.

-W, -password Force password prompt.


Most error messages are self-explanatory. If not, run ereatelang with the -eeho option and see under the respeetive SQL eommand for details. Cheek also under psqt for more possibilities.

Скачать в pdf «PostgreSQL»