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SQL92 specifies some additional capabilities for the CREATE VIEW statement:

CREATE VIEW view [ column [,…] ] AS SELECT expression [ AS colname ][,…]

FROM table [ WHERE condition ]

[ WITH [ CASCADE I LOCAL ] check option ]

The optional clauses for the full SQL92 command are:

CHECK OPTION This option is to do with updatable views. All INSERTs and UPDATEs on the view will be checked to ensure data satisfy the view-defining condition. If they do not, the update will be rejected.

LOCAL Cheek for integrity on this view.

CASCADE Cheek for integrity on this view and on any dependent view. CASCADE is assumed if neither CASCADE nor LOCAL is specified.

d.27 ereatedb


ereatedb — Create a new Postgres database ereatedb [ options ] dbname [ description ]


■h, -host host Specifies the hostname of the machine on which the postmaster is running.

-p, -port port Specifies the Internet TCP/IP port or local Unix domain socket file extension on which the postmaster is listening for connections.

-U, -username username Username to connect as.

-W, -password Force password prompt.

-e, -echo Echo the queries that createdb generates and sends to the backend.

-q, -quiet Do not display a response.

-D, -location datadir Specifies the alternate database location for this database installation. This is the location of the installation system tables, not the location of this specific database, which may be different.

Скачать в pdf «PostgreSQL»