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The installation process involves copying all compiled programs into a directory that will serve as the home of all PostgreSQL activity. It will also contain all PostgreSQL programs, databases, and log files. The directory is typically called /usr/loeal/pgsql.


Initialization creates a database called templatel in the PostgreSQL home directory. This database is used to create all other databases. Initdb performs this initialization step.

Starting the Server

Once templatel is created, the database server can be started. This step typically involves running the program called postmaster.

Creating a Database

Once the database server is running, you can create databases by running ereatedb from the operating system prompt. Chapter
20 covers PostgreSQL administration in detail.

Appendix С

PostgreSQL Nonstandard Features by Chapter

This appendix outlines the nonstandard features covered in this book.

Chapter 1 None.

Chapter 2 Psql is a unique feature of PostgreSQL.

Chapter 3 None.

Chapter 4 Use of regular expressions, set, show, and reset are features unique to PostgreSQL. Chapter 5 None.

Chapter 6 None.

Chapter 7 OlDs, sequences, and serial are unique features of PostgreSQL.

Chapter 8 From in update is a unique feature of PostgreSQL. Some databases support the creation of tables by select.

Chapter 9 Most databases support only a few of the many data types, functions, and operators included in PostgreSQL. Arrays are a unique features of PostgreSQL. Large objects are implemented differently by other database systems.

Chapter 10 None.

Скачать в pdf «PostgreSQL»