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1.4)    What non-Unix ports are available?

1.5)    Where can I get PostgreSQL?

1.6)    Where can I get support?

1.7)    What is the latest release?

1.8)    What documentation is available?

1.9)    How do I find out about known bugs or missing features?

1.10)    How can I learn SQL?

1.11)    Is PostgreSQL Y2K compliant?

1.12)    How do I join the development team?

1.13)    How do I submit a bug report?

1.14)    How does PostgreSQL compare to other DBMS’s?

User Client Questions

2.1)    Are there ODBC drivers for PostgreSQL?

2.2)    What tools are available for hooking PostgreSQL to Web pages?

2.3)    Does PostgreSQL have a graphical user interface? A report generator? An embedded query language interface?

2.4)    What languages are available to communicate with PostgreSQL?

Administrative Questions

3.1)    Why does initdb fail?

3.2)    How do I install PostgreSQL somewhere other than /usr/local/pgsql?

3.3)    When I start the postmaster, I get a Bad System Call or core dumped message. Why?

3.4)    When I try to start the postmaster, I get IpcMemoryCreate errors. Why?

3.5)    When I try to start the postmaster, I get IpcSemaphoreCreate errors. Why?

3.6)    How do I prevent other hosts from accessing my PostgreSQL database?

3.7)    Why can’t I connect to my database from another machine?

3.8)    Why can’t I access the database as the root user?

3.9)    All my servers crash under concurrent table access. Why?

Скачать в pdf «PostgreSQL»