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I must also take a moment to recognize the unwavering good work of this book’s technical editor, Andre Paree-Huff. He has faithfully watched over this book from its first edition and is responsible for maintaining its accuracy. For each edition, including this one, a pool of top-notch technical editors helped out Andre by completing a second full technical edit just before the book was sent to the printer. Bob Gradante, Jutta VanStean, and Louis DiPaola should also be gratefully acknowledged for their fine expertise.

I would also like to recognize my wife, family, and friends. My wife, Linda, tirelessly wrote and edited the appendices and kept me on the right track. She was a real trooper because she managed to do that while watching our daughter, Alison, who can be a handful. Thank you to my family and friends who understood when I couldn’t go out or help them with projects because I had to work on the book. I really appreciate that.

Finally, thank you, the reader, for purchasing this book. I know that it has all the information in it to help you pass the test. If you have questions about Network+ or this book, feel free to e-mail me at All of us involved in the book project have worked very hard to make it the best Network+ Study Guide available. I hope you feel the same.

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Assessment Test

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Network Fundamentals

Скачать в pdf «Network+»