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We’re especially excited about this third edition of our best-selling Network+ Study Guide, as it now sports the new CompTIA Authorized Quality Curriculum (CAQC) logo on the cover. CompTIA developed the CAQC program to help exam candidates make better decisions about which training materials to use, and has established rigorous standards that courseware developers must meet in order to display the CAQC logo. The book you hold in your hands went through a review process that checked for exam objective correlation and instructional design integrity, and we are happy to say that we passed with flying colors! We’re confident that this book will help you, the Network+ exam candidate, succeed in your endeavors.

Good luck in pursuit of your Network+ certification!

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To my wonderful book team members. Thanks for your help in making our

book a success.

—David Groth


It takes many people to put a book together. This will be the third edition of this book, so I can safely say that these people know what they’re doing and that I can count on working with talented people.

This book would not exist if it weren’t for my acquisitions and developmental editor, Elizabeth Hurley. Thank you for all of your encouragement, support, and continued friendship. I appreciate all of the hard work you contribute to each one of my book projects. Additionally, many thanks go to Mae Lum, our book team’s tireless production editor. Kudos to you for juggling all sorts of deadlines spanning many projects, for organizing new schedules around new beta release dates, and for basically keeping your eye on the ball for me all of the time. Kudos should also go to Donna Crossman, editor extraordinaire. Thank you for wading through various versions of these chapters each time objectives were changed, added, or eliminated. Additionally, many thanks should go to ICC’s Stacey Loomis and Jim Link, our electronic publishing specialists, for laying out the very pages you see before you. Finally, one last cheer for the proofreaders who checked every last detail before sending the pages to the printer: Emily Hsuan, Laurie O’Connell, David Nash, Nancy Riddiough, Amey Garber and Yariv Rabinovitch.

Скачать в pdf «Network+»