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B.    It offers improved reliability.

C.    It is required by fire code.

D.    It needs a token to operate.

6.    Which type of network topology uses terminators?

A.    Star

B.    Bus

C.    Ring

D.    Mesh

7.    Which of the following best describes a star topology?

A.    It has centralized management.

B.    Any cable fault halts all network traffic.

C.    It uses less cable than a bus or ring.

D.    It is always completely wireless.

8.    A client/server approach uses what type of security model?

A.    Centralized

B.    Decentralized

C.    Server

D.    Distributed

9.    In a Thick Ethernet network, what typically connects the NIC’s transceiver to the backbone cable?

A.    Screws

B.    DIX

C.    Vampire Taps

D.    Bolts

10.    Plenum cable has which of the following characteristics?

A.    It has a lower cost than PVC.

B.    It meets fire codes.

C.    It transmits data faster.

D.    All the above.

11.    Which of the following is the most widely used LAN wiring system for connections between desktop and server?

A.    STP

B.    UTP

C.    Coax

D.    Fiber-optic

12.    Which of the following has the highest possible throughput?

A.    STP

B.    UTP

C.    Coax

D.    Fiber-optic

13.    Which 100-Megabit Ethernet standard is designed to use two pairs of wires in a UTP cable?

A.    100BaseVG

Скачать в pdf «Network+»