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Trace Route See tracert.

tracert The TCP/IP Trace Route command-line utility that shows the user every router interface a TCP/IP packet passes through on its way to a destination. See also Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol.

trailer A section of a data packet that contains error-checking information.

transceiver The part of any network interface that transmits and receives network signals.

transient A high-voltage burst of current.

transmission Sending of packets from the PC to the network cable.

Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) The protocol found at the Host-to-Host layer of the DoD model. This protocol breaks data packets into segments, numbers them, and sends them in random order. The receiving computer reassembles the data so that the information is readable for the user. In the process, the sender and the receiver confirm that all data has been received; if not, it is resent. This is a connection-oriented protocol. See also connection-oriented transport protocol.

Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) The protocol suite developed by the DoD in conjunction with the Internet. It was designed as an internetworking protocol suite that could route information around network failures. Today it is the de facto standard for communications on the Internet.

transmission media Physical cables and/or wireless technology across which computers are able to communicate.

Transport layer The fourth layer of the OSI model, it is responsible for checking that the data packet created in the Session layer was received error free. If necessary, it also changes the length of messages for transport up or down the remaining layers. See also Open Systems Interconnect.

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