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token The special packet of data that is passed around the network in a Token Ring network. See Token Ring network.

token passing A media access method in which a token (data packet) is passed around the ring in an orderly fashion from one device to the next. A station can transmit only when it has the token. If it doesn’t have the token, it can’t transmit. The token continues around the network until the original sender receives the token again. If the token has more data to send, the process repeats. If not, the original sender modifies the token to indicate that the token is free for anyone else to use.

Token Ring network A network based on a physical star, logical ring topology, in which data is passed along the ring until it finds its intended receiver. Only one data packet can be passed along the ring at a time. If the data packet goes around the ring without being claimed, it is returned to the sender.

tone generator A small electronic device used to test network cables for breaks and other problems that sends an electronic signal down one set of UTP wires. Used with a tone locator. See also tone locator, unshielded twisted-pair cable.

tone locator A device used to test network cables for breaks and other problems; designed to sense the signal sent by the tone generator and emit a tone when the signal is detected in a particular set of wires.

topology The physical and/or logical layout of the transmission media specified in the physical and logical layers of the OSI model. See also Open Systems Interconnect.

Скачать в pdf «Network+»