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SPS See Standby Power Supply.

SPX See Sequenced Packet eXchange.

Standby Power Supply (SPS) A power backup device that has power going directly to the protected equipment. A sensor monitors the power. When a loss is detected, the computer is switched over to the battery. Thus, a loss of power might occur (typically for less than a second).

star topology A network topology where all devices on the network have a direct connection to every other device on the network. These networks are rare except in very small settings due to the huge amount of cabling required to add a new device.

state table A firewall security method that monitors the states of all connections through the firewall.

static ARP table entries Entry in the ARP table that is manually added by a user when a PC will be accessed often. This will speed up the process of communicating with the PC since the IP-to-MAC address will not have to be resolved.

static routing A method of routing packets where the router’s routing is updated manually by the network administrator instead of automatically by a route discovery protocol.

straight tip (ST) A type of fiber-optic cable connector that uses a mechanism similar to the BNC connectors used by Thinnet. This is the most popular fiber-optic connector currently in use.

subnet mask A group of selected bits that identify a subnetwork within a TCP/IP network. See also Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol.

subnetting The process of dividing a single IP address range into multiple address ranges.

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