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NOS See network operating system.

Novell Directory Services (NDS) A NetWare service that provides access to a global, hierarchical directory database of network entities that can be centrally managed.

Novell Distributed Print Services (NDPS) A printing system designed by Novell that uses NDS to install and manage printers. NDPS supports automatic network printer installation, automatic distribution of client printer drivers, and centralized printer management without the use of print queues.

Novell Support Connection Novell’s database of technical information documents, files, patches, fixes, NetWare Application Notes, Novell lab bulletins, Novell professional developer bulletins, answers to frequently asked questions, and more. The database is available from Novell and is updated quarterly.

NSA See National Security Agency.

N-series connector Used with Thinnet and Thicknet cabling that is a male/female screw and barrel connector.

nslookup Allows you to query a name server to see which IP address a name resolves to.

NT Directory Services (NTDS) System of domains and trusts for a Windows NT Server network.

NTDS See NT Directory Services.

object The item that represents some network entity in NDS. See also Novell Directory Services.

octet Refers to eight bits; one-fourth of an IP address.

ODI See Open Datalink Interface.

OE (operator error) When the error is not software or hardware related, it may be a problem with the user not knowing how to operate the software or hardware. OE can be a serious problem.

offline The general name for the condition when some piece of electronic or computer equipment is unavailable or inoperable.

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