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NetWare 3.x The version series of NetWare that supported multiple, cross-platform clients with fairly minimal hardware requirements. It used a database called the bindery to keep track of users and groups and was administered with several DOS, menu-based utilities (such as SYSCON, PCONSOLE, and FILER).

NetWare 4.x The version series of NetWare that includes NDS. See also Novell Directory Services.

NetWare 5.x The version series of NetWare that includes a multiprocessing kernel. It also includes a five-user version of Oracle 8, a relational database, and the ability to use TCP/IP in its pure form.

NetWare Administrator The utility used to administer NetWare versions 4.x and later by making changes to the NDS Directory. It is the only administrative utility needed to modify NDS objects and their properties. See also Novell Directory Services.

NetWare Core Protocol (NCP) The upper-layer NetWare protocol that functions on top of IPX and provides NetWare resource access to workstations. See also Internet Packet eXchange.

NetWare Link State Protocol (NLSP) Protocol that gathers routing information based on the link state routing method. Its precursor is the Routing Information Protocol (RIP). NLSP is a more efficient routing protocol than RIP. See also link state routing.

NetWare Loadable Module (NLM) A component used to provide a NetWare server with additional services and functionality. Unneeded services can be unloaded, thus conserving memory.

network A group of devices connected by some means for the purpose of sharing information or resources.

Network Address Translation (NAT) See IP proxy.

network attached storage Storage, such as hard drives, attached to a network for the purpose of storing data for clients on the network. Network attached storage is commonly used for backing up data.

Скачать в pdf «Network+»