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logical ring topology A network topology in which all network signals travel from one station to another, being read and forwarded by each station.

logical topology Describes the way the information flows. The types of logical topologies are the same as the physical topologies, except that the flow of information, rather than the physical arrangement, specifies the type of topology.

LSL See Link Support Layer.

MAC See media access control.

MAC address The address that is either assigned to a network card or burned into the NIC. This is how PCs keep track of one another and keep each other separate.

mail exchange (MX) record A DNS record type that specifies the DNS host name of the mail server for a particular domain name.

MAU See Multistation Access Unit.

media access The process of vying for transmission time on the network media.

media access control (MAC) A sublayer of the Data Link layer that controls the way multiple devices use the same media channel. It controls which devices can transmit and when they can transmit.

media converter A networking device that converts from one network media type to another. For example, converting from an AUI port to an RJ-45 connector for 10BaseT.

member server A computer that has Windows NT server installed but doesn’t have a copy of the SAM database. See also Security Accounts Manager.

mesh topology A network topology where there is a connection from each station to every other station in the network.

Скачать в pdf «Network+»