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line conditioner A device used to protect against power surges and spikes. Line conditioners use several electronic methods to clean all power coming into the line conditioner.

line noise Any extraneous signal on a power line that is not part of the power feed.

line voltage The voltage, supplied from the power company, that comes out at the outlets.

Link Control Protocol (LCP) The protocol used to establish, configure, and test the link between a client and PPP host. See also Point-to-Point Protocol.

link light A small light-emitting diode (LED) that is found on both the NIC and the hub. It is usually green and labeled “Link” or something similar. A link light indicates that the NIC and the hub are making a Data Link layer connection. See also hub, network interface card.

link state route discovery A route discovery method that transmits special packets (Link State Packets, or LSPs) that contain information about the networks to which the router is connected.

link state routing A type of routing that broadcasts its entire routing tables only at startup and possibly at infrequently scheduled intervals. Aside from that, the router only sends messages to other routers when changes are made to the router’s routing table.

link state routing protocol A routing table protocol where the router sends out limited information, such as updates to its routing tables, to its neighbors only.

Link Support Layer (LSL) Part of the Novell client software that acts as sort of a switchboard between the Open Datalink Interface (ODI) LAN drivers and the various transport protocols.

Скачать в pdf «Network+»