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jumper A small connector (cap or plug) that connects pins. This creates a circuit that indicates a setting to a device.

JVM See Java Virtual Machine.

kernel The core component of any operating system that handles the functions of memory management, hardware interaction, and program execution.

key A folder in Windows Registry that contains subkeys and values, or a value with an algorithm to encrypt and decrypt data.

LAN See local area network.

LAN driver The interface between the NetWare kernel and the NIC installed in the server. Also a general category of drivers used to enable communications between an operating system and a NIC. See also network interface card.

Large Internet Packet (LIP) A technology used by the IPX protocol so that IPX can use the largest possible packet size during a transmission.

See also Internetwork Packet eXchange.

laser printer A printer that uses a laser to form an image on a photosensitive drum. The image is then developed with toner and transferred to paper. Finally, a heated drum fuses toner particles onto the paper.

Layer 2 Switch A switching hub that operates at the Data Link layer and builds a table of the MAC addresses of all the connected stations. See also media access control.

Layer 3 Switch Functioning at the Network layer, a switch that performs the multiport, virtual LAN, data pipelining functions of a standard Layer 2 Switch, but it can perform basic routing functions between virtual LANs.

LCP See Link Control Protocol.

Скачать в pdf «Network+»