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distance vector routing protocol A route discovery method in which each router, using broadcasts, tells every other router what networks and routes it knows about and the distance to them.

DIX Another name for a 15-pin AUI connector or a DB-15 connector.

DNS See Domain Name Service.

DNS server Any server that performs DNS host name-to-IP address resolution. See also Domain Name Service, Internet Protocol.

DNS zone An area in the DNS hierarchy that is managed as a single unit. See also Domain Name Service.

DoD Networking Model A four-layer conceptual model describing how communications should take place between computer systems. The four layers are Process/Application, Host-to-Host, Internet, and Network Access.

domain A group of networked Windows computers that share a single SAM database. See also Security Accounts Manager.

Domain Name Service (DNS) The network service used in TCP/IP networks that translates host names to IP addresses. See also Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol.

dotted decimal Notation used by TCP/IP to designate an IP address. The notation is made up of 32 bits (4 bytes), each byte separated by a decimal. The range of numbers for each octet is 0-255. The leftmost octet contains the high-order bits and the rightmost octet contains the low-order bits.

DSL See digital subscriber line.

D-type connector The first type of networking connector, the D-type connector, is used to connect many peripherals to a PC. A D-type connector is characterized by its shape. Turned on its side, it looks like the letter and contains rows of pins (male) or sockets (female). AUI connectors are examples.

Скачать в pdf «Network+»