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2.    You have a user who cannot connect to the network. What is the first thing you could check to determine the source of the problem?

A.    Workstation configuration

B.    Station link light

C.    Patch cable

D.    Server configuration

3.    A user cannot access the local intranet. Which action will not help you determine how to narrow the problem down to the intranet?

A.    Accessing the intranet from your workstation

B.    Accessing the intranet from the user’s workstation as yourself

C.    Replacing the patch cable on the workstation

D.    Asking another user to access the intranet from the problem user’s workstation

4.    Several users can’t log in to the server. Which action would help you to narrow the problem down to the workstations, network, or server?

A.    Run tracert from a workstation

B.    Check the server console for user connections

C.    Run netstat on all workstations

D.    Check the network diagnostics

5.    Without a_, you may not

be able to perform 100 percent of the network diagnostics for a network card.

A.    Hardware loopback

B.    Patch cable

C.    Crossover cable

D.    Protocol analyzer

6.    A user can’t log in to the network. She can’t even connect to the Internet over the LAN. Other users in the same area aren’t experiencing any problems. You attempt to log in as this user from your workstation with her username and password and don’t experience any problems. However, you cannot log in with either her username or yours from her workstation. What is a likely cause of the problem?

Скачать в pdf «Network+»