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The Security Log

This log tracks security events specified by the domain’s Audit policy. The Audit policy is set in User Manager for Domains and specifies which security items will be tracked in Event Viewer. To set the Audit policy, follow these steps:

1. Choose Start > Programs > User Manager for Domains to open User Manager for Domains.

2. Choose Policy > Audit to open the Audit Policy dialog box:

3.    Indicate the events that you want logged and check the Success or Failure check boxes to track the success and failure of those events. Since these are security settings, most often you’ll want to log failures.

4.    Click OK, and these events will be logged for all users and systems in the domain.

After you set the Audit policy for a domain, you can view the Security Log for any computer in that domain. Follow these steps:

1.    Choose Start > Programs > Administrative Tools (Common) to open the Select Computer dialog box.

2.    In the Computer field, enter the UNC (Universal Naming Convention) name of the computer whose events you want to view.

3.    If you are connected to a Windows NT network over a slower link, such as a slow WAN link or a dial-up connection, click the Low Speed Connection check box to optimize Event Viewer for running over the lower-speed connection.

4.    Click OK.

5.    Choose Log > Security to open the Security Log (see Figure 10.6) for that computer.

FIGURE 10.6 The Security Log in Event Viewer

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