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1-07-1999    11:51:10 am:    DS-7.9-17

Severity = 1 Locus = 17 Class = 19 Directory Services:    Could not open local database,

error: -723

The Severity, Locus, and Class designations in the second line substitute for lengthy text descriptions of the error and can provide more information:

■    Severity indicates the seriousness of the problem.

■    Locus indicates which system component is affected by the error (for example, memory, disk, or LAN cards).

■    Class indicates the type of error.

Tables 10.1, 10.2, and 10.3 explain the codes used for Severity, Locus, and Class. Based on the information in these tables, we can determine some information about our example above. A Severity of 1 indicates a warning condition (so the problem isn’t really serious), a Locus of 17 indicates that the error relates to the operating system (which would make sense because this is a Directory Services error), and a Class of 19 indicates the problem is with a domain, meaning that the problem is defined by the operating system, but it’s not an operating system problem. These designations tell us the reported error is related to NDS, and that it’s not really serious. In fact, this particular error might occur when you bring up the server and the database hasn’t yet been opened by the operating system.

TABLE 10.1 SYS$LOG.ERR Severity Code Descriptions

Number    Description

0    Informational. Indicates that the information is non-threatening, usually just to record some kind of entry in the SYS$LOG.ERR file.

1    Warning. Indicates a potential problem that does not cause damage.

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