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C0NL0G-1.04-10: System console logging started Fri Feb 12 13:52:40 1999 C0NL0G-1.04-9: Logging system console to sys:etcconsole.log.

S1:edit autoexec.ncF Loading module EDIT.NLM NetWare Text Editor Uersion 4.15 March 23, 1998

Copyright 1989-1998 Nouell, Inc. fill rights reserued.

File 0WL501F.DLL in use by user fiDMIN on station 23 File NWC0RE32.DLL in use by user fiDMIN on station 23 File UfiNMfiN.DLL in use by user fiDMIN on station 23 File SLP-SP.ZIP in use by user fiDMIN on station 23 *** WARNING *** There are actiue Files open.

Down seruer? у

IPXRTR: IPX link state router down.

Jaua: Cleaning up resources, Please Wait.

Module JfiUfi.NLM unloaded

NotiFying stations that File seruer is down Dismounting uolume DATA

2-12-1999    1:57:26 pm:    DS-7.9-23

Bindery close requested by the SERUER

2-12-1999    1:57:26 pm:    DS-7.9-20

Directory Seruices:    Local database has been closed

Dismounting uolume SVS

The information in the CONSOLE.LOG file is lost every time the CONLOG.NLM is unloaded and reloaded. It doesn’t keep a history of every command ever issued, only those issued since CONLOG.NLM was loaded. However, you can configure the ARCHIVE=YES parameter to configure CONLOG to keep a history of all the conlog files. The first file is saved with a .000 extension, the next with a .001 extension, and so forth. The complete command to run at the console (or add to Autoexec.ncf) is Conlog archive=yes.


This log file registers all Abends on a NetWare server. An Abend (ABnormal END) is an error condition that can halt the proper operation of the NetWare server. Abends can be serious enough to lock the server, or they can simply force an NLM to shut down. You know an Abend has occurred when you see an error message that contains the word Abend on the console. Additionally, the server command prompt will include a number in angle brackets

Скачать в pdf «Network+»