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NetWare Log Files

NetWare uses three log files that can help you diagnose problems on a NetWare server:

■    The Console Log file (CONSOLE.LOG)

■    The Abend Log file (ABEND.LOG)

■    The Server Log file (SYS$LOG.ERR)

Each file has different uses in the troubleshooting process.


The Console Log file (CONSOLE.LOG) keeps a history of all errors and information that have been displayed on the server’s console. It is located in the SYS:ETC directory on the server and is created and maintained by the utility CONLOG.NLM that comes with NetWare versions 3.12 and later. You must load this utility manually (or place the load command in the AUTOEXEC.NCF file so that it starts automatically upon server startup) by typing the following at the console prompt:


Once this utility is loaded, it erases whatever CONSOLE.LOG file currently exists and starts logging to the new file.

This command works with any version of NetWare, including 3.12 or later. However, if you are using NetWare 5 or later, the LOAD command is optional. It is required in versions 3.12 to 4.1x.

Figure 10.2 shows a sample CONSOLE.LOG file. From this log file, we can tell that someone edited the AUTO-EXEC.NCF file and then restarted the server. This indicates a major change on the server. If we were trying to

troubleshoot a server that was starting to exhibit strange problems after a recent reboot, this might be a source to check.

.2 A sample CONSOLE.LOG file

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