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17.    Compared with other backup schemes required to fully restore a

server, the restore time from a full backup is_.

A.    The shortest because multiple sessions are accessed

B.    The shortest because a single session is accessed

C.    The longest because multiple sessions are accessed

D.    The longest because a single session is accessed

E.    The same length of time as all other backup schemes

18.    Which type of backup tape has the greatest capacity?

A.    QIC

B.    AIT

C.    DAT

D.    DLT

E.    Travan

19.    How often should you update your virus definition files?

A.    Daily

B.    Weekly

C.    Monthly

D.    Quarterly

E.    Yearly

20.    You should get your updates from which source(s)? (Choose all that apply.)

A.    Manufacturer

B.    Online magazine

C.    Postal magazine

D.    Original equipment manufacturer (OEM)

E.    Shareware website

Answers to Review Questions

1.    D. A failover server must have a connection available to the other server in case the other server goes down. Thus, there is a dedicated network between the two to ensure that the other server will be available when the failover occurs.

2.    B. Failover servers send a signal to the backup failover server every few seconds. When the backup server detects that the primary server has not sent the signal after a specified time, the failover takes over until the primary comes back online. This signal is known as a “heartbeat.”

3.    A. VMS clustering makes many servers appear as one. If one server malfunctions, the others will keep functioning, thus allowing no breaks in network services.

Скачать в pdf «Network+»