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8.    What are the differences between disk duplexing and disk mirroring?

(Choose all that apply.)

A.    Disk duplexing uses one controller card, whereas mirroring uses two.

B.    Disk duplexing uses two controller cards, whereas mirroring uses one.

C.    Disk duplexing is slower because it uses only two disks, whereas mirroring uses three.

D.    Disk duplexing is faster because it uses three disks, whereas mirroring uses two.

E.    Disk duplexing can have a controller fail and not lose access to data.

F.    Mirroring can have a controller fail and not lose access to data.

9.    You are newly hired as a network administrator for a workgroup. The

workgroup server has two 6GB disks. The first has 3GB used and the

second has 2GB used.

Required Results: Without reformatting the hard disks, implement a fault-tolerant partition.

Optional Results: Provide for the highest level of fault tolerance without buying another hard disk. Use the maximum amount of space that will work with your RAID solution.

Proposed Solution: Purchase two RAID 1 duplexing controllers. Implement duplexing. Use all the available free space on both hard disks to create a 3GB duplexed partition.

A.    The proposed solution meets the required results.

B.    The proposed solution meets the required results and one of the optional results.

C.    The proposed solution meets the required results and both of the optional results.

D.    The proposed solution does not meet the required results.

10.    What power management device should be connected to every server?

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