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C. The two machines are in different sites connected by sleeping NICs.

D.    A dedicated network cable links the two servers.

E.    None. The failover server is on a separate network for protection.

2.    What does the failover server listen for to determine if it needs to take over services?

A.    Ping

B.    Heartbeat

C.    Shutdown sequence

D.    Startup sequence

E.    Telnet session

3.    What technology does VMS use to allow multiple servers to access the same resources to provide load balancing and fault tolerance?

A.    Clusters

B.    Proxies

C.    Slave servers

D.    Master servers

E.    Failover servers

4.    What benefit does a backup system give you?

A.    A master/slave server combination

B.    A clustered network that is up 100 percent of the time

C.    Copies of data on tape or removable media

D.    A power conditioner

E.    A UPS with a built-in surge protector

5.    What RAID level provides the fastest access times with no fault tolerance?

A.    0

B.    1

C.    3

D.    5

E.    10

6.    RAID level 1 is more commonly known as_.

A.    Striping

B.    Striping with parity

C.    Duplicating

D.    Mirroring

E.    Master/slave

7.    What is the minimum number of hard disks required for RAID 5?









Скачать в pdf «Network+»