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■    On-demand

■    On-access

An on-demand scan searches a file, a directory, a drive, or an entire computer. An on-access scan checks only the files you are currently accessing. To maximize protection, you should use a combination of both types.

On-Demand Scans

An on-demand scan is a virus scan initiated by either a network administrator or a user. You can manually or automatically initiate an on-demand scan. Typically, you’d schedule a monthly on-demand scan, but you’ll also want to do an on-demand scan in the following situations:

■    After you first install the antivirus software

■    When you upgrade the antivirus software engine

■    When you suspect a virus outbreak

Before you initiate an on-demand scan, be sure that you have the latest virus definitions.

When you encounter a virus, scan all potentially affected hard disks and any floppy disks that could be suspicious. Establish a cleaning station, and quarantine the infected area. The support staff will have a difficult time if a user continues to use the computer while it is infected. Ask all users in the infected area to stop using their computers. Suggest a short break. If it is lunchtime, all the better. Have one person remove all floppies from all disk drives. Perform a scan and clean at the cleaning station. For computers that are operational, update their virus definitions. For computers that are not operational or are operational but infected, boot to an antivirus emergency boot disk. Run a full scan and clean the entire system on all computers in the office space. With luck, you will be done before your users return from lunch.

Скачать в pdf «Network+»