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9.7 Grandfather-Father-Son rotation

^ Monday ^

Tuesday ^

^ Wednesday^

^ Thursday ^

Long-Term Configurations

In addition to daily, weekly, and yearly backups, some companies, for archival purposes, do an end-of-year backup, which is then kept offsite in long-term storage. They do this to keep a record of the year’s financial and transactional data so that they can refer to it in case of tax problems. (The IRS may require businesses to keep transactional data for seven years.)

Some companies do two end-of-year backups—one before closing out the fiscal year, and another after closing out. They do this in case they mess up the closing and need to start over. When the closing out is finished, they back up the closed-out system and place the tape in long-term storage.

Virus Protection

virus is a program that causes malicious change in your computer and makes copies of itself. Sophisticated viruses encrypt and hide themselves to thwart detection. There are tens of thousands of viruses that your computer can catch. Known viruses are referred to as being “in the wild.” Research laboratories and universities study viruses for commercial and academic purposes. These viruses are known as being “in the zoo,” or not out in the wild. Every month, the number of viruses in the wild increases.

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