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breaks to ensure alertness. All patrol areas should be covered during shift changes, rotations, and breaks. Guards should also receive periodic training. Test to ensure that guards can recognize a threat and take appropriate action.


Covering all these bases does not ensure that your network or facility is secure. This is just a starting point to head you in the right direction.

Breaking Policy

A security policy is not effective unless it is enforced, and enforced consistently. You cannot exempt certain individuals from policies or the consequences of breaking them. Your network users need to have a clearly written document that identifies and explains what users are and are not allowed to do. Additionally, it is important to state that breaking the policy will result in punishment, as well as which types of policy breaks result in which kind of punishment. Punishment may vary, depending on the severity of the incident. If a policy is broken, the appropriate punishment should be administered immediately.

Major Infractions

As far back as the mid-1980s, employees were being immediately terminated for technology policy infractions. One employee was immediately terminated from a large computer company when pornography was found on his computer’s hard drive. A manager and a security guard visited the employee. The manager informed the employee that he was being summarily terminated. The guard was there to ensure that the employee touched only personal items. The manager logged out the computer session. The former employee could now touch no computer equipment, including storage media such as floppy disks. The manager then informed the guard that the employee had one hour to vacate the premises.

Скачать в pdf «Network+»