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Avoid using anonymous accounts for regular network access. If someone is using an anonymous account, you cannot track who manipulated a file. Windows NT/2000 comes with the anonymous account Guest disabled. NetWare does not automatically create a guest account. You should not change these default setups.

Some web servers create an Internet user account to allow anonymous access to the website. The Internet user account is automatically created and allowed to access the web server over the network. The password is always blank. You never see a request to log in to the server. This is done automatically. Without this account, no one would be able to access your web pages.

Do not rename the Internet user account or set a password. If you do so, the general public will not be able to view your website. If you want to secure documents, use another web server, secure HTTP, Windows NT domain and file security, or NetWare Directory Services security.

Limiting Connections

You may want to limit the number of times a user can connect to the network. Users should normally be logged in to the network for only one instance, because they can only be in one place at a time. If the system indicates they are logged in from more than one place, someone else might be using their account. When you limit concurrent connections to one, only a single user at a single workstation can gain access to the network using a particular user account. Some users, however, might need to log in multiple times in order to use certain applications or perform certain functions. In that case, you can allow the user to have multiple concurrent connections.

Скачать в pdf «Network+»