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You can get a demo of Chameleon from the NetManage website at This is a demo; after 30 days, the software ceases to function.

To install the NetManage Chameleon UnixLink on a Windows 95/98 PC, follow these steps:

1.    Double-click setup.exe in the Cham_95NFS directory. This directory is on your CD or in your download directory after extraction. The NetManage Setup and License Notice windows open.

2.    Read the License Notice, and click Accept to open the Setup Option dialog box.

3.    Click Typical, and then click Next to open the Serial Number dialog box.

4.    Enter your serial number and key in their fields, and then click Next to open the Select Directory dialog box.

The serial number and key are typically included on a document that comes with the software. You can also obtain them from the website where you downloaded the free software (usually called a «demo» key).

5.    Verify the installation directory. By default it is C:NETMANAG.95. If you want to install to a different directory, enter the path or browse to the directory. When you are finished, click Next. Files are installed when the Copy Files dialog box opens.

6.    The Building Driver Information Database and Copying Files windows open. You may be prompted for your Windows 95/98 CD if the CAB files are not on your local hard drive.

7.    The Information screen opens, telling you that it will now install support programs. Click OK to open the Choose Program Destination Location dialog box.

8.    Click Next. The NetManage Setup window tells you that components are being installed.

Скачать в pdf «Network+»