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■    If you click Yes, you will have an opportunity to set these properties in the Novell NetWare Client Properties dialog box. Click OK when you finish entering the information, and the installation continues.

■    If you click No, the installation continues.

On Windows 95/98 computers, some files need to be copied from the Windows 95/98 CABs. If these are not in the WindowsOptionsCabs directory, you will be prompted to insert the Windows 95/98 installation CD.


7. When the installation is finished and you are prompted to restart the computer, click Reboot.

Be sure that your IPX/SPX or TCP/IP protocol stacks are properly configured. See Chapter 3 for details.

Installing the Unix Client

Windows 95/98 needs the client portion of the Network File System (NFS) to connect to the Unix NFS. If a computer has this client installed, NFS Client—or similar wording—will appear in the listing in the Network dialog box.

Windows 95/98 computers without an NFS client can connect directly to a Unix system that is running Samba. Samba is a free server-based solution that uses Server Message Blocks (SMBs) to allow Microsoft clients to see the Unix file system. Samba is available from Samba is designed for Unix servers and will not install on a Windows 95/98 PC.

The client portion of NFS is currently available only from third-party vendors. No NFS client is distributed with Windows 95/98 or NT/2000. Two popular NFS client vendors are Sun and NetManage. Sun Microsystems offers server and client products for Unix server to PC connectivity. Its client-based product is Solstice NFS Client. NetManage offers several products, including Chameleon UnixLink. You should select the vendor and product based on your individual needs and budget and after evaluating the demo software. Since third-party options tend to be more popular than their primary vendor counterparts, we’re going to demonstrate the installation of NetManage’s Chameleon.

Скачать в pdf «Network+»