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Regardless of the vendor you choose, a good practice is to download the installation files for your operating system (CABs for Windows 95/98, i386 directory for NT), client software, video drivers, and NIC drivers as soon as you connect to a server.

Don’t forget about yourself. The best combination for the network administrator’s computer is a Windows 95/98 or NT/2000 operating system with the Novell NetWare Client. Novell’s NDS takes care of authentication, thus addressing network security. Use Windows NT/2000 if you want additional security on your local machine. As an administrator, you have no choice about the client. Without Novell’s client you will not get the full functionality of the NetWare Administrator utility and, besides, Novell’s client is free.

To install the Novell Client for NetWare on a Windows 95/98 computer, follow these steps:

1.    Download the latest Novell Client for NetWare from the Novell website, and run the self-extracting file. Or insert your NetWare Client CD.

2.    Double-click the setup.exe file. (This is true for the non-ZENworks version of the client software.) The Novell client license agreement window opens.

3.    Read the license agreement, and then click Yes to accept the agreement and to open the Welcome dialog box.

4.    In the Select an Installation Option section, click Typical.

5.    Click Install to open the Building Driver Information Database and Copying Files windows.

6.    You’ll be asked if you want to set the preferred server properties for NetWare 3.x servers or the preferred tree, context, and server properties for NetWare 4.x and later servers.

Скачать в pdf «Network+»