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8.    In the Manufacturers box, click Microsoft.

9. In the Network Clients box, click Client for Microsoft Networks, and then click OK.

10.    Click OK in the Network dialog box.

11.    Place the Windows 95/98 CD in the drive if prompted to do so. Locate the install CAB files, and click OK if prompted. The Copying Windows Files screen opens and then closes.

12.    In the System Settings Change dialog box, click Yes. The system will now reboot.

Installing the NetWare Client

You have two options for setting up user workstations to connect to a NetWare network:

■    Novell NetWare Client

■    Microsoft Client for NetWare Networks

The one you select depends on your network and users. If you have a predominantly Windows NT network, the Microsoft client might better fit your needs. If you have a NetWare network or a hybrid network with a substantial Novell base, you need to use the Novell client; the latest version is available from Novell. Stay away from the clients distributed with Microsoft Windows 95/98 and NT/2000.

You can find the Novell Client for NetWare on the following:

■    Novell’s website at

   NetWare Client CD as part of the NetWare installation CD set or floppies (only with older versions)

■    The ZENworks CD

   The SYS volume of a NetWare server

What happens when you lose connectivity with your NetWare server and you need to install client software? If you are using IPX/SPX without a web proxy server, downloading the software from the Novell website is out. Many companies place software media under lock and key, and require support staff to install from the network. If that is the case with your company, that cuts out installing from CDs and floppies. The SYS volume is useless if you can’t access the server. To avoid these problems, place a copy of the client installation software on your local PC the first time you connect to a NetWare server.

Скачать в pdf «Network+»