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Installed clients are listed in the Configuration tab, at the top of the list above installed protocols and network adapters.

Installing the Windows 95/98 and NT/2000 Client

Not surprisingly, Windows 95/98 comes with a client to connect to Microsoft servers and PCs. The Client for Microsoft Networks is the preferred client to access Microsoft networks. You also need this client to run the server tools for Windows NT/2000 on a Windows 95/98 computer to be able to perform domain administrative tasks.

Additionally, the network administrator will also have to authenticate (provide username and password at a login screen) again when using the server tools versions of administrative utilities on a Windows 95/98 machine. Therefore, the best combination for a network administrator’s desktop machine is Windows NT/2000 Workstation or Server with the Client for Microsoft Networks.

Follow these steps to install the Microsoft Client for Networks on a Windows 95/98 computer:

1.    Be sure that your network interface card (NIC) is properly installed and configured. The operating system must already recognize the card. Locate your Windows 95/98 CD and have it ready.

2.    Connect your network cable, and ensure that the link light on the NIC is on.

3.    Make sure that you are at the Windows 95/98 Desktop.

4.    Choose Start > Settings > Control Panel to open Control Panel.

5.    Double-click Network to open the Network dialog box.

6.    Click Add to open the Select Network Component Type dialog box.

7.    Click the Client icon in the list, and then click Add to open the Select Network Client dialog box.

Скачать в pdf «Network+»