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The required results are that the workstation and modem bank must establish a connection and that the server at the office must authenticate the workstation. Optionally, the workstation and office must be able to communicate by using a single protocol, and the workstation must be able to access all network devices at the office. The proposed solution is to install a POTS telephone line, modem cable, and modem connected to the workstation. TCP/IP is installed and configured to have a DHCP server automatically assign an IP address. TCP/IP and IP routing are installed and configured on the office server. You configure the software settings on the modem. You dial into your headquarters. The appropriate modem lights turn on, and you hear a connection tone from the speaker of the workstation modem. The office network is set up to allow the entire network to be viewed via dial-in. The proposed solution achieves which of the following?

A.    The required results

B.    The required results and one of the optional results

C.    The required results and both of the optional results

D.    Does not meet the required results

17.    You want to order analog ISDN. You call around and can’t seem to find the equipment you want. What could be the possible reason for this?

A.    Everyone is out of stock because of unexpected customer demand.

B.    ISDN equipment is only available in PC card format.

C.    You must order this with external termination.

D.    You can’t order analog ISDN.

18.    Which remote access protocol can run over both serial and parallel connections?

Скачать в pdf «Network+»