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A.    Device Manager

B.    Explorer

C.    The vendor’s website

D.    The Start menu

12.    You have a server with two external modems. The modems work one at a time but not together. COM 1 is set to IRQ 4, I/O 3F8h. COM 2 is configured for IRQ 3, I/O 3F8h. What should you do to ensure that both modems work simultaneously?

A.    Change the IRQ of modem 1

B.    Change the I/O address of COM 2

C.    Change the IRQ of modem 2

D.    Change the COM port of modem 2

13.    Which of the following protocols works at both the Physical and Data Link layers of the OSI?

A.    SLIP

B.    PPP

C.    TCP/IP

14.    You are setting up a remote workstation for remote access to the office. The office has a modem pool configured, and it is working correctly. The required results are that the remote workstation and modem bank must establish a connection and that the server at the office must authenticate the workstation. Optionally, the workstation and office must be able to communicate by using a single protocol, and the workstation must be able to access all network devices at the office. The proposed solution is to install a POTS telephone line, modem cable, and modem at the workstation. NetBEUI is installed and configured on the workstation. TCP/IP and IPX are installed and configured on the office server. You configure the software settings on the modem. You dial into your headquarters. The appropriate modem lights turn on, and you hear a connection tone from the speaker of the workstation modem. The office network is set up to allow the entire network to be accessed via a dial-in connection. The proposed solution meets which of the following?

Скачать в pdf «Network+»