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D.    Does not meet the required result

4.    Which transport protocol does PPTP use?


B.    SNA

C.    AppleTalk

D.    TCP/IP

5.    Which of the following is the greatest advantage of PSTN (POTS)?

A.    Readily available

B.    Greater than 64Kbps data rates

C.    Fault tolerant

D.    Not available in all markets

6.    Which of the following is an advantage of ISDN?

A.    Readily available

B.    Easy to configure

C.    Least expensive implementation

D.    Greater than 64Kbps possible

7.    Which WAN technology uses digital signaling from sender to receiver?

A.    X.25

B.    POTS

C.    X2

D.    Kflex

E.    T-series

8.    The UART in your PC is an 8250. You have installed an external ISDN Terminal Adapter on your computer. You are not getting the full speed of an ISDN line. You must replace the UART with which chip set?

A.    8550

B.    11500

C.    12550

D.    16550

9.    You require which of the following components for a remote, asynchronous connection?

A.    Keyboard

B.    Modem

C.    Mouse

D.    Monitor

10.    What must be set on an internal modem to use it in a PC? (Choose all that apply.)

A.    COM port

B.    I/O address

C.    DMA Channel

D.    IRQ

11.    You bought a Windows 98 computer by mail order. You can see that the modem is installed because you have plugged a phone line into the RJ-11 modem jack. Everything else has worked from the first time you plugged in the modem, but the modem fails to respond. What should you check next?

Скачать в pdf «Network+»