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Be able to differentiate between DAS and SAS. Dual-attachedstations (DAS) are attached to both rings in a FDDI network; single-attached stations (SAS) are attached to only one ring.

Be able to describe when the ICA protocol might be used.    The Inde

pendent Computing Architecture (ICA) protocol is used most often with Citrix WinFrame and MetaFrame and with Microsoft Terminal Server.

Key Terms

^^efore you take the exam, be certain you are familiar with the following terms:

asynchronous transfer mode (ATM)


B (Bearer) channels





remote access protocol

Central Office


circuit switching


D (Delta) channel

single-attached stations (SAS)

demarcation point (demarc)

SONET (Synchronous Optical Network)

dual-attached stations (DAS)




internal modems

trunk lines

inverse multiplexing local loop

virtual COM

Review Questions

1.    As part of your daily duties, you are configuring a workstation to connect to your ISP. Already installed are a web browser, client-side FTP, and a dial-up networking connection using SLIP. A remote DHCP server will assign an IP address automatically. When you dial and connect, you are unable to browse the Internet. Upon further investigation, you find you also cannot retrieve files from an FTP site. The results that you want require that you are able to browse the Internet and access FTP files. You, therefore, configure the TCP/IP client so that IP addresses are assigned by a DHCP server. This solution achieves which of the following?

Скачать в pdf «Network+»