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9.    B. A bridge learns the MAC addresses of stations on both sides of the bridge and keeps track of which side individual stations are on. Then, when the bridge intercepts a packet, the bridge examines the destination field of the packet and compares the destination address to its list of MAC addresses. The bridge then forwards or rejects the packet based on whether or not the destination station is on the local segment.

10.    A. Updating older drivers on a system can correct various bugs. When a hardware manufacturer detects a bug in a driver, it develops and releases a new version to correct the problem.

11.    B. The correct expansion for EEPROM is electrically erasable programmable read-only memory.

12.    C. Because Plug and Play expansion cards automatically assign a computer’s resources, they can be set to a resource that conflicts with a Legacy ISA card (which doesn’t always register itself with the Plug and Play software).

13.    A, B. As its name suggests, a brouter combines certain functionalities of both a bridge and a router.

14.    B. 10Base2 Ethernet normally uses BNC connectors for making its connections.

15.    D. A tone generator puts a signal on the particular cable being located and the tone locator contains a very sensitive sensor and speaker. When the tone locator is passed near the signal-carrying cable, it emits a sound, indicating that the cable is near. Although a media tester tests cable, it tests only the possible transmission quality of the cable; you would have to find the cable first in order to use it.

Скачать в pdf «Network+»