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between the sides of a “V” inside an IDC (see Figure 6.21), allowing the small metal “knife” inside the connector to make contact with the inner conductor inside the wire.


.2 1 Using a punchdown tool


In this chapter, you learned about the various Networks concepts that relate to network installation. First of all, you learned about the various prerequisites that must be considered before you start to install a network, such as standard operating procedures (SOPs) and the environmental impact of network and computer installations.

You also learned about the various components that make up a network, including the various connectivity devices used within a network (like hubs, routers, NICs, and so on). Additionally, you learned about the various cables and connectors that make up the connections between devices on a network and what each one is used for.

Probably the most important skill for a network installer to have is the ability to install the most common network connectivity device, the network interface card, or NIC. In this chapter, you learned how to properly configure and install a NIC into a PC.

Once you install the NIC, it is important to know how to configure that workstation to connect to various network operating systems. In this chapter, you learned how to add network components and get them functional on Windows 9x and 2000 systems.

Скачать в pdf «Network+»