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25.    B. Because a firewall generally examines every packet and acts on the information in that packet, Internet access will seem to be slower. The other options either have no effect or will increase the apparent speed. Please see Chapter 8 for more information.

26.    A. Although all of these answers are saying similar things, the only setting that exists in Windows 9x is “Obtain IP address automatically.” Please see Chapter 6 for more information.

27.    A. OC-3 has a potential bandwidth of 155Mbps; T1 has a throughput of 1.544Mbps; ISDN is 1.544Mbps; and POTS has 53Kbps. Please see Chapter 7 for more information.

28.    A. Of the protocols listed, only the Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) provides TCP/IP Internet connections over dial-up (modem) connections. Please see Chapter 7 for more information.

29.    D. Windows 2000 Server supports many different types of clients, including Windows, Macintosh, and Linux-based clients. Please see Chapter 5 for more information.

30.    B. An HTTP proxy cache will cache (or store temporarily) copies of commonly used web page elements on a server on your LAN, thus the common elements will be received directly from the proxy at LAN speeds instead of Internet speeds. Please see Chapter 8 for more information.

Network Fundamentals


S 1.1 Recognize the following logical or physical network topologies given a schematic diagram or description:

■    star/hierarchical

■    bus

■    mesh

■    ring

■    wireless

S 1.3 Specify the characteristics (e.g., speed, length, topology, cable type, etc.) of the following:

Скачать в pdf «Network+»