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D.    Maintenance NLMs

19.    Which distribution of Linux was designed specifically for the Intel platform and supports many of its features, including multiple (up to 16) processors?

A.    Red Hat

B.    Slackware

C.    OpenLinux

D.    Yggdrasil

20.    The command-line interface to Unix is known as a_.

A.    Linux

B.    Shell

C.    Window

D.    NIC

Answers to Review Questions

1.    B. The only two answers listed that are directory services are NTDS and NDS. Of those two, the only one that is an X.500-compliant directory service is NDS.

2.    A, B, D. All of the NOSes listed, except NetWare 4, have a graphical interface. Unix has X Windows, NetWare 5 has the Graphical Java Console, and Windows NT Server uses a Windows-based interface.

3.    B. Novell Client for Windows 95 is Novell’s NetWare client for the Windows 95 platform. It enables a Windows 95 machine to access the full range of NetWare (and NDS) services.

4.    B, C. Novell Client for Windows 95 (as previously mentioned) and Microsoft Client for Microsoft Networks will allow the station to access Windows NT servers.

5.    B. Because Windows NT Server manages users and groups in domains, the name of the administration program is User Manager for Domains.

6.    C. Although all of the listed utilities are administration utilities of some type, the name of the administration program for modifying NDS objects in NetWare 4 and above is NetWare Administrator.

7.    A. The NetWare Loadable Module (NLM) component of a NetWare server is the modular component of a NetWare server that can help conserve memory by being loaded and unloaded as necessary.

Скачать в pdf «Network+»