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5.    D. The ipconfig utility does not come with Windows 98, but is instead the IP configuration utility for Windows NT. All the other utilities come as part of Windows 98. Please see Chapter 4 for more information.

6.    B. Virtual LANs are primarily a feature of network switches. Because most true hubs cannot perform segmentation based on MAC addresses, they cannot do VLANs. Although NICs are required in order to use a VLAN, VLANs are not a primary feature of them. And individual cables do not have VLAN features. Please see Chapter 3 for more information.

7.    C. Firewalls sit between a local network and a public network (such as the Internet) and protect the local network from security threats. It is only a part of a network’s security implementation, but a very important part. Please see Chapter 8 for more information.

8.    A. The link light, when lit, indicates that there is a basic communication between a NIC and a hub or switch (it would also light if two NICs in two different PCs were connected with a crossover cable). If the cable is severed or wired incorrectly, the link light may not light. Please see Chapter 10 for more information.

9.    D. AppleTalk uses the Routing Table Maintenance Protocol (RTMP), which is a distance vector routing protocol. RIP is the distance vector protocol for both IP and IPX; OSPF is the link state protocol for TCP/IP; and NLSP is the link state routing protocol for IPX/SPX. Please see Chapter 2 for more information.

10.    C. Windows 2000 is the most current version of a Windows server operating system. Please see Chapter 5 for more information.

Скачать в pdf «Network+»