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For more information on OpenServer and other SCO products, check out SCO’s home page at

Solaris Unix

Of the non-Intel Unix flavors, the most popular is probably Solaris, made by Sun Microsystems. This flavor was designed to run primarily on the SPARC family, a RISC platform developed by Sun. Sun sells both the Solaris operating system and the hardware to run it on, which includes both the logic boards and the systems. These computers running Solaris are widely used as Internet servers.

Not to be outdone by Linux and the SCO flavors, Sun released a version of Solaris for the Intel architecture called Solaris for x86 in 1995. It is designed for use on low-end application and Internet servers.

Solaris is based on the original version of Unix that came out of Bell Labs and, as such, is widely compatible with a number of Unix server applications.

For more information on Solaris, check out Sun Microsystems’s website at

Macintosh OS

he Macintosh interface is considered to be the easiest to use of all graphical user interfaces. Developed in 1983, the Macintosh OS (or Mac OS) is seeing a resurgence of popularity with the introduction of several cool new models, like the iMac, the G4 cube, and the Titanium PowerBook G4 Macintosh. Macintosh has always had a very loyal following, and with good reason. The Macintosh OS (combined with the Macintosh hardware platform) is a very user-friendly computer. As such, many people who have never used computers before are buying Macs.

With very few exceptions, the Mac OS will not run on any hardware platform except the Macintosh.

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