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In contrast to Novell NetWare, Windows NT has no one utility that you can use to manage all network entities and resources. Instead, user and group information is managed with User Manager for Domains. Figure 5.10 shows a sample screen from this utility, which you use to manage all users, groups, and policies for the domain. All users for this domain are shown in the top half, and all groups are shown in the bottom half. To select another domain, you must have previously established a trust with that domain. To select another domain and view its users and groups, choose User Select Domain.

FIGURE 5.10 User Manager for Domains

Even though Windows NT has its own directory service, Novell has been hard at work to implement its NDS on the Windows NT platform. NDS for NT completely replaces the Windows NT directory service while maintaining compatibility with Windows NT programs that rely on the NTDS.

Many people have tried to compare User Manager for Domains to NetWare Administrator, but their functionality is not the same. User Manager can deal with only one domain at a time, and then only with the users, groups, and policies of that domain. NetWare Administrator can manage the entire NDS tree and all network entities.

Minimum Requirements for Windows NT

Because of its graphical nature and complexity, Windows NT has greater hardware requirements than any of the other network operating systems. With each successive version, the hardware requirements seem to at least double, if not triple. The minimum hardware requirements and recommended hardware configuration for Windows NT 4 are listed in Table 5.5.

Скачать в pdf «Network+»