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Windows NT. Currently the number of third-party network programs for Windows NT surpasses the number for NetWare.

One reason for the range of software available for Windows NT is that developers can create these programs using many of the development tools they use to write Windows programs. Additionally, Microsoft makes much of the code available to developers for little or no charge. Other vendors often charge to download their development tools, although that trend is rapidly changing. Finally, a program that is certified as Windows Compatible must work on both Windows 95/98 and Windows NT. Because it’s so easy to develop programs for both versions and because Microsoft requires it for Windows certification, the number of programs available for NT is constantly growing. That isn’t to say that all NT programs are network enabled, but when given the choice, developers usually choose to create programs for NT rather than for other network operating system platforms.

Windows NT Interoperability

With the vast diversity of client operating systems out there, any network operating system must be able to provide services to multiple clients. For this reason, Windows NT Server includes file and print services for Apple Macintosh. The Windows NT server appears as if it were a Macintosh server.

Additionally, Windows NT can run text-mode native OS/2 programs without modification. For example, administrators with multiple OS/2 computers running OS/2 text mode e-mail gateways can consolidate them into a single Windows NT server and run each gateway in a separate window.

NetWare Integration

When Windows NT Server was released in 1993, NetWare was the primary network operating system available. As a matter of fact, it had more than 75 percent of the installed network operating system base. For this reason, Microsoft has software for Windows NT that allows it to coexist in a NetWare environment. Three main programs facilitate the integration of Windows NT and NetWare:

Скачать в pdf «Network+»